About me

I start my photographic comet work in 1982.

In the beginning I was fascinated by the rapidly changing appearance of comets.
This has not changed even after the observation of more than 500 comets.

The astrometry of comets is now my interest. My special thanks goes to
Wolfgang Vollmann from Vienna, who performs the measurement of the images

Comet observations made most of the time from Stixendorf near Krems, Austria.
The observing site is located in the field at 602 meters above sea level.
The telescope must be repositioned before each night.
This mobility allows to change the observation position slightly to
to find comets near horizon.

The light pollution of Krems is in the east and southeast clearly visible. Very dark, however, is the region from southwest to northwest.


Stixendorf A71 = 15°27'12"   +48°25 54  602m



Stixendorf after Sunset



Stixendorf: The Western Horizon, 2010 april 6



Comet observations at Tivoli 2006